Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hair - Australian Cast Recording (1969)

01  Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out (a) Aquarius (b) Hare Krishna (c) Where Do I Go
02  Celebrate (a) Donna (b) Sodomy (c) Manchester, England (d) Going Down
03  Lament Easy To Be Hard
04  Yip-In (a) General Grant's March (b) Sheila Franklin (c) Air (d) Initials (e) I Got Life
05  Hang-Ups (a) Black Boys (b) White Boys (c) Frank Mills
06  Trip Out (a) Walking In Space (b) Abie Baby (c) Three-Five-Zero (d) What A Piece Of Work Is Man
07  Claudenams (a) Hair (b) Farewell To Claude (c) Ain't Got No (d) Flesh Failures (e) Let The Sunshine In


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