Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunnyboys - Real Live (1984)

Sunnyboys was an Australian post-punk, power pop band formed in Sydney in 1980. Fronted by singer-songwriter, guitarist
Jeremy Oxley, the band "breathed some freshness and vitality into the divergent Sydney scene". Their first two albums,
Sunnyboys and Individuals both charted into the Top 30 of the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart.
The Sunnyboys produced melodic power pop classics and were rewarded with an immediate positive response  (Wikipedia)


01  I'm Shakin
02  Trouble In My Brain
03  Alone With You
04  Liar
05  Lovers (On Another Planets Hell)
06  I Can't Talk To You
07  The Stooge
08  Strange Cohesion
09  Love In A Box
10  Catwalk
11  Show Me Some Discipline


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Thanks, this replaces one that went missing from my collection years ago.

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