Monday, March 25, 2013

MacKenzie Theory - Bon Voyage (1974)

Appropriately titled, "Bon Boyage" was the farewell album of MacKenzie Theory, marking the end of a fantastic but relatively obscure musical venture from Rob Mackenzie and Cleis Pearce. Recorded live in 1974, "Bon Voyage" also features a new rhythm section of Paul Wheeler and Greg Sheehan, with the addition of pianist Peter Jones.
The album opens with the superb 'Clouds,' building on Mackenzie's ethereal and dreamy chord sequences overladen by Cleis Pearce's signature viola-work. After a great solo from Mackenzie, things change pace with the band opting for more of a straight-ahead funk/rock approach. Jones adds some subtle but nice electric piano throughout that perhaps could have been used in "Out of the Blue." The next two tracks, as implied by their names, are essentially improvisations in A and C. Though they're solid pieces, they don't hold the listener's attention quite like 'Clouds' or 'Supreme Love' (The C Thing in particular tends to drag).The final track of the album, as Mackenzie notes at the beginning "needs no introduction." An interpretation of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme," it successfully showcases Mackenzie's phenomenal guitar work.Though I prefer their debut "Out Of The Blue" to this, this is still a great effort and comes highly recommended if you liked "Out of the Blue" or fusion in the vein of Mahavishnu Orchestra. Pearce really shines and sounds like none of her contemporaries of the time, such as Jerry Goodman or Michael Urbaniak. Rob Mackenzie's style is also astoundingly unique to say the least, and I always find myself wishing he had done more of the same kind of thing after MacKenzie Theory. Blistering at times and beautiful/spacey at others. Great improvisation too. (Prog Archives)

Recorded live at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne on 15 May 1974


01  Clouds (15:43)
02  The A Thing (5:24)
03  The C Thing (8:03)
04  Supreme Love (7:36)

Artist: MacKenzie Theory
Title Of Album: Bon Voyage
Year Of Release: 1974
Label: Mushroom Records #L-35276
Country: Australia
Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Total Time: 36:46
Format: Mp3
Quality: CBR 256 kbps
Total Size: 66.6 MB



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